Radiation Therapy

AKA irradiation, X-Ray therapy or radiotherapy; Radiation therapy is a form of cancer treatment that helps to shrink the tumors and kills the cancerous cells. There are two ways a person can undergo this form of therapy; the first is through brachytherapy which is internal and the second is through EBRT or External beam radiotherapy. While undergoing radio therapy, it is not just the cancerous cells that are killed. Even normal cells can be affected however, they do recover over time and function the way they should/
This form of cancer therapy is ideal to treat various kinds of cancerous tumors. This is because, thr4ough this therapy, many cancerous cells and tumors can be destroyed at the same time. The duration and number of settings varies depending on many factors like the size and location of the tumor, the amount of cancerous cells there are in the body, the stage of the spread/cancer etc.


Chemotherapy is a form of cancer treatments wherein anticancer drugs are prescribed to the patient. These drugs are specially formulated to treat cancer by destroying the cancerous cells. It is one of the traditional approaches used for cancer patients and is very different from target therapy. In chemotherapy, the drugs help to prevent the rapid development and division of cancer cells in the body. One of the biggest drawbacks with chemotherapy is that it also affects the healthy cells of the body.
The doctor may prescribe a particular anti-cancer drug or may also combine it with others at the same time. This is known as Combination chemotherapy. For the treatment of lymphomas and leukemia, a higher dose is given. These drugs also ablate the bone marrow which in turn helps the blood in the body to repopulate and recover. This is also termed as stem cell transplantation.

Target Therapy

Known to be one of the latest forms of cancer treatment, target therapy came into existence during the late 19980’s. It has shown significant success ion cancer patients and has a strong impact while treating certain cancers. Presently researchers and scientists are exploring various other opportunities and possibilities of treating cancer through target therapy. The main focus of this treatment is to target cancerous cells through drugs which form a barrier on the critical proteins that are present in cancerous cells through smaller molecules.
Homing devices or small peptides are used to cure cancer as they form an antibody agent on the cancer cells. Over a period of time, these antibodies destroy the cancer cells and prevent them form growing or spreading in the body. The doctor may also consider High energy ultrasound also helps therapeutically to reduce and treat cancer through target therapy.

Hormone Therapy

When a person is diagnosed with cancer, sometimes hormonal therapy is recommended to treat the cancerous cells. This treatment is special recommended for those who suffer with prostate or breast cancer. This treatment helps to block or remove testosterone or estrogen from the body which is important as an additional form of treatment. Hormone agonists are administered in certain cancer cases like progestogens as they prove to beneficially therapeutically.
Through this cancer treatment, specific hormones such as steroid hormones are used in the form of medication. This is because these hormones are very powerful and helps to alter the gene expression of certain cancer cells. You also have a surgical removal method in Hormone therapy which helps in the removal of endocrine organs like the oophorectomy and orchiectomy.

Stem Cell Transplant

In order to restore the stem cells that help to form blood in cancer patients, the stem cell transplant is used. This form of cancer treatment is also recommended for those who have or presently are undergoing high doses of radiation or chemotherapy. Stem Cell transplant is important to increase the white and blood cells in the body. This treatment also helps to increase the platelet count which is essential for any person.
In order for a person’s body and immune system to fight the cancerous cells, it is important that all the blood cells; i.e the platelets, red and white blood cells have to be present in the body. Given the fact that certain treatments can harm or destroy these cells, the doctor may suggest stem cell transplant for a certain amount of time.

Precision Medicine

While suggesting precision medicine, the doctor will first evaluate the disease on a genetic level. This treatment is also known as a personalized treatment as the duration and course of Precision medicine is purely based on the individual’s genetic history. Although this is not a new concept, however, over the past few years; it has gained popularity and has shown significant and positive results in cancer patients.
Given the fact that every person’s body reacts in a different manner to any form of medical treatment; in the case of cancer treatment, precision medicine proves to be helpful. The personalized approach used in this treatments helps to customize the type of medication that would be helpful to the body. This is why precision medicine is helpful in the prevention of developing any other form of cancer due to the changes in the body.

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