Heart Transplant

Heart Transplant is a complex surgery that is recommended when there is no hope for a person’s heart to be healthy again or to function properly. In this surgery, the surgeon will replace the diseased or failing heart with a healthier one. This type of surgery is considered after all options or treatments for the heart have failed and the condition of the person is only worsening.

Through this surgery, a person has a better chance of living a healthy and long life. No doubt, there is also a potential risk when the new heart may not be accepted by the body.  In such cases, the patient would have to undergo another heart transplant until the body accepts a new heart. In the case when the body does accept the new heart, then with the help of proper medication, regular follow-up’s and lifestyle changes, the person can lead a normal life.

Cornea Transplant

AKA Corneal Grafting, the Cornea Transplantation is an option that is provided to patients whose cornea is damaged or diseased due to various reasons. Through this surgical procedure, the doctor will repair or replace the damaged corneal tissue with the help of a graft. The term penetrating keratoplasty is referred to when the doctor replaces the entire cornea. In case of a partial replacement, it is known as lamellar keratoplasty.

In order to perform this surgical procedure, the graft is taken from a person who has passed away recently and who does not have any kind of medical condition that can affect the quality of the recipient’s life. The transplant of the cornea (the front of the eye) also includes the anterior chamber, pupil and iris. There is no age restriction for the donor apart from the condition that he/she should be medically fit to donate.


Chemotherapy is a form of cancer treatments wherein anticancer drugs are prescribed to the patient. These drugs are specially formulated to treat cancer by destroying the cancerous cells. It is one of the traditional approaches used for cancer patients and is very different from target therapy. In chemotherapy, the drugs help to prevent the rapid development and division of cancer cells in the body. One of the biggest drawbacks with chemotherapy is that it also affects the healthy cells of the body.

The doctor may prescribe a particular anti-cancer drug or may also combine it with others at the same time. This is known as Combination chemotherapy. For the treatment of lymphomas and leukemia, a higher dose is given. These drugs also ablate the bone marrow which in turn helps the blood in the body to repopulate and recover.

Stem Cell Transplant

In order to restore the stem cells that help to form blood in cancer patients, the stem cell transplant is used. This form of cancer treatment is also recommended for those who have or presently are undergoing high doses of radiation or chemotherapy. Stem Cell transplant is important to increase the white and blood cells in the body. This treatment also helps to increase the platelet count which is essential for any person.

In order for a person’s body and immune system to fight the cancerous cells, it is important that all the blood cells; i.e the platelets, red and white blood cells have to be present in the body. Given the fact that certain treatments can harm or destroy these cells, the doctor may suggest stem cell transplant for a certain amount of time.

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