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Welcome to Aim Global Care

Aim Global Care Provides A Wide Range Of Medical Services And Facilities For People Living Abroad. As A Medical Tourism Facilitator, We Understand The Various Concerns That People Have When They Opt For Healthcare Services Out Of Their Home Country.

Visa Services

Our Team Of Experts Will Take Care Of All The Necessary Formalities And Arrangements For Obtaining A Visa To Travel To India

Customized Services

We Customize Our Services And Packages Based On Your Requirements And Needs. Whether It Is Obtaining A Quote Or Planning Your Travel, We Will Guide You All The Way.

Planning your Indian Holiday

Post Your Treatment, If You Want To Travel Across The Country, We Will Help You Plan Your Vacation. Along With That, All The Necessary Arrangements Will Also Be Made.

Translator Services

Our Team Of Translators Provides Additional Help To Ensure That Our Clients Do Not Face Any Problems. You Can Let Us Know If You Require A Translator, And Will Make The Necessary Arrangements.

Estimates and Quotations

We Believe In Providing Pocket Friendly Rates And Quality Services. Our Experts Will Prepare The Estimates And Quotations By Considering All The Essential Factors.

Medical Records Transfer

You Do Not Have To Worry About Your Documentation, As We Will Take Care Of It For You. All The Necessary Paperwork Will Be Handed Before And After Your Treatment

Medical Treatments In India

Angioplasty $4000 – $4500

CABG $5000 – $5500

IVF-ICSI $4000-$4300

Egg Donor IVF-ICSI $5000-$5700

Facelift $3000-$3200

Tummy Tuck $4500-$4800

Cornea Transplant $700-$800

Retinal Detachment $500-$600

Total Knee Replacement $5000-$5400

Total Hip Replacement $4000-$4800

Breast Cancer Treatment $1500-$1800

Colon Cancer Treatment $1500-$1800

Kidney Transplant $7000-$7200

Bone Marrow Transplant $35000-$41000

Root Canal Treatment $110

Dental Implants $600

Gastronomic Treatment

  • Esophageal Cancer
  • Stomach Cancer
  • Gallbladder Cancer
  • Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors
  • Liver Cancer
  • Pancreatic Cancer
  • Colon Cancer
  • Rectal Cancer
  • Anal Cancer


  • Bladder surgery
  • Renal (Kidney) Surgery
  • Surgery to the penis
  • Kidney Removal (nephrectomy)
  • Urethra Surgery
  • Testicular surgery
  • Removal of the prostate or prostatic surgery
  • Pelvic lymph node dissection

Why Choose Us

Aim Global Care Is A Company That Focuses On Quality Healthcare Services At Economical Rates. Our Team Of Experts Works Very Hard To Ensure That Our Clients Get The Best From Us. To Ensure That Our Clients Get The Best Services, We Have A Certain Guideline We Follow Even When We Consider Tie-Up Or Being Affiliated With A Healthcare Service Provider Or Professional. This Is Why; You Can Be Rest Assured That You Will Get The Right Service And Proper Care.

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